Tips for Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme

Every online entrepreneur desires to be ahead of the pack. One way to achieve this is to adopt an excellent WordPress theme that will provide you with a great website. That means a theme with a great layout, look and feel as well as usability. You can also consider a theme that allows you to advertise.

How to go about finding your perfect WordPress theme

    • Define your needs

The best way to land on your perfect theme is to define your needs clearly. You must identify whether you need a free or premium theme, you should also ask yourself whether a single or multipurpose WordPress theme is ideal for your unique situation.


  • Is the theme simple to use?

On top of your considerations should be to find out whether the theme is simple to use. Try to avoid themes that are overloaded with colors, animations or layout complexity. Your objective is to adapt a theme that supports your intended goals. A simple theme that is stylish and functional is better than a bloated one.

  • Try out the demo

Don’t be tempted to bypass the demo as it will help you get a feel for the theme. Check out the design elements and the constituent features that are included in the theme. It is also important to test the speed performance.

  • Compatibility

Is the theme supportive of different platforms? You can imagine how stressful it could be to find out that your website is not viewable on various browsers. Make sure the theme you settle for is proven to work perfectly across the board.

  • Does the theme come with all the necessary plugins?

Check to find out whether the theme is accompanied with important plugins such as WordPress page Builders. Pre installed WordPress page builders plugins are essential, and if not available, it would mean that you have to result to the services of a professional web developer.

  •  Is the theme responsive?

Available statistics point to the fact that most people are using hand held devices to access the internet. This means that for you to tap into a vast market, your web design ought to display perfectly across different devices. Your lay out should be able to adjust successfully to various devices and screen sizes and remain fully functional. If you make a mistake of engaging a nonresponsive WordPress theme, it would cost you more in the long run as you will have to build a website for every device.

  •  Is the theme SEO ready?

It is important that your website is properly HTML coded to perform well on search engines. Check to find out whether the theme is responsive and what amount of content it can handle.

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  • Is the theme related to your industry?

It is important to find a theme that is related to your industry. That way, it will make the process of building your niche website easy and enjoyable as the theme would have been made with your industry in mind. But you can still opt for a multipurpose theme if you’re not sure and want a theme that allows you to change in the future.

  • Support and updates

You can only imagine how it would feel like to be stuck and having no assistance coming along. You need a theme that has an around the clock support to ensure that you are always available to your visitors all the time. That’s where premium themes come in handy because unlike the free ones, you get readily available customer support from professional developers and also regular updates.

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