Nearly every business is now transforming their business model to a one that is based on e-commerce. The sole reason, there has been such a shift is the increased usage of electronic gadgets in daily lives.

Today people prefer to shop by browsing on their mobiles, tablets and smart phones. Businesses today are seeking help and guidance from web designers so that they create website themes and e-commerce templates for them. The task of designing templates for websites require creative thinking and most importantly the perspective of the audience, so that the designed themes for e commerce website can hit home to the consumers and convince them to buy. Some of the best templates that can be purchased are:

  • PORTO: This is a magneto theme. It is very classy looking theme with 12 different landing pages to chose from. The theme also has a lot of grids, setting and selection options to choose from. This facilitates the page owner to set the products as they want to. The theme also offers a variety of fonts, styling and animations to choose from. The process of importing data to the website is also very simple, hence you can set your store quite quickly and run it. The theme is user-friendly and highly customizable.
  • JOURNAL: This is another exciting theme that can be adapted for an e commerce website. The theme has in built cart option. The template can be customized to make a complex as well as a simple shop. The site theme offers multiple options for setting up the backgrounds, the widgets as well as the whole outlook. The background of the landing page and other widgets can be edited to include slideshows as well.
  • ULTIMO: This theme is an advanced version of the Magneto theme. It is much more customizable and has room for additions and editing as compared to its older version. It also offers zoom in and zoom out on products. The grid setting is also customizable. There are unlimited font styles, colors and designs to chose from.
  • WAREHOUSE: Warehouse theme is one the most responsive and easy to use theme. It allows complex features to be incorporated with ease. The theme contains various editable modules, that do not require any special add-ons. The theme support blog feature as well as a countdown function. Each page loads very quickly with no need of reloading if the page is revisited.